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I, the Consumer, by submitting this Dispute (the “Dispute”) to the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (A.D.R. Cyprus Center Ltd) (the “Center”), on acceptance of my Dispute, agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of the Center.
1. I will be bound by the Rules of Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration (“ADR Rules”) of the Center which are hereby incorporated in this contract by reference when a Dispute arises between me and any natural persons, or any legal person irrespective of whether privately or publicly owned, who is acting, including through any person acting in his name or on his behalf, for purposes relating to his trade, business, craft or profession (the “Trader”) who has entered into a service or sales contract with me.
2. I can withdraw from the ADR procedure of Mediation and Conciliation as soon as a Mediator or Conciliator is appointed.
3. In case the ADR procedure chosen is Arbitration, I accept that with the current application to submit, I was informed of its binding nature in advance and have specifically accepted this.
4. I will keep the procedure confidential and any documents received by me or sent by me will be treated as confidential and will remain confidential even after the ADR procedure has been completed or terminated for any reason.
5. All of the terms of this agreement are essential and binding between the Center the Consumer and the Trader.
6. I will keep the Center or the Natural Person in charge of ADR harmless from any liability or damage caused to me for any reason whatsoever. The Center and any Natural Person in charge of ADR are not liable in case of lawsuit, application or other legal procedure against them in relation to any act or omission during the exercise of its powers or under the Law.
7. I agree that I shall pay the fees of the ADR Specialist in accordance with the Rules of the Center.
8. I also agree and give my consent that any personal data submitted with this application will be disclosed to third parties including the Trader, the ADR Specialist, the Center and any other entity which we have the obligation to inform by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to process a dispute through the Cyprus Center?

A €20 administration fee is required upon submission of your claim. There are also fees depending on which expert/method is selected. But you only pay 20% with a maximum of €800 in Meditations and Conciliation. The trader pays 80%.

We will let you know the estimate after the expert/method has been selected for your approval.

What are the differences between the Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods of Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration?

The Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution provides for three different dispute resolution methods.

  1. Arbitration is a process which is similar to the court procedure as there is a third party called an “arbitrator” who decides on the dispute. Arbitration is more suitable where the value of the subject matter of the dispute is high and where the case is complex as it is a fact finding procedure where the arbitrator tries to determine who is right and who is wrong in relation to the dispute. The arbitrator then issues a judgement which is binding on both the parties and can be registered as a judgement in a court of law. Because this process is more suitable for disputes which are high in value, arbitration is usually more costly than mediation or conciliation.
  2. Mediation is a dispute resolution procedure where a third party called a “mediator” assists the parties in solving the dispute. The parties sit together with the mediator and they find a common ground in order to negotiate and solve their dispute whilst the mediator helps them in finding the best agreeable outcome without however suggesting what the outcome should be. At the end of the mediation process, the parties may sign a binding agreement between them – but that is not necessary. This dispute resolution method is more appropriate for small claims and not very complex disputes. At the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, we aim at resolving your dispute just after one meeting.
  3. Conciliation is very similar to mediation except that the conciliator is usually an expert in the field and for that reason will suggest possible outcomes and solutions (whilst the mediator does not). Furthermore, the conciliator will provide the parties with a settlement proposal of what he believes would be best for them, whilst the mediator will generally refrain from making a proposal but will prepare an agreement based on what has been agreed between the parties.

Who chooses the Arbitrator, Conciliator or Mediator?

We help the parties choose the best dispute resolution procedure for them. From then on we will appoint the specialist for the parties from our database or we will let the parties choose someone from a list.

What are the price differences between Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation?

The price for a conciliation or mediation is the same whilst for arbitration the fees are slightly more.

You can find the prices for each procedure under the relevant procedure of our ADR-Services section by clicking here.

How long does the dispute resolution process take?

It is a legal requirement that the outcome of the ADR procedure is made available by us to you within a period of 90 calendar dates from the date we received the complete file. Don’t worry we will try and make the outcome available earlier.

In the case of highly complex disputes, we may extend the 90 calendar days’ time period. You will however be informed of any extension of that period and of the expected length of time that will be needed for the conclusion of the dispute.

What happens if a trader is not a member of the Cyprus Center?

When a trader is a member of the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, they are bound by the Center’s terms and conditions for traders. Under these conditions, the traders will need to accept the dispute resolution method chosen by the consumer (and the Center).

In case the trader is not a member of the Center, then they may accept the Dispute Resolution request of the consumer or they may reject this altogether. In case they reject it, then your best option may be to sue the trader.

What if the trader doesn't want to use ADR?

A Trader which is a member of the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution must proceed with a Dispute Resolution method offered by the Center.

In case the Trader is not a member he has the right to reject your application for ADR.

Is the process binding if not in my favour?

There are three processes: Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation.

The decision to start arbitration is binding. Furthermore, the decision issued by the arbitrator will be binding for both parties.

The mediation and conciliation methods are not binding and you can walk away at any time. Mediation and conciliation may become binding only if you and the trader sign an agreement as to the outcome.

How do we ensure that the Center is impartial?

We operate under stringent rules and our operation is governed by law and are checked by the Consumer Protection Service.

We do not ourselves examine the dispute but we appoint ADR specialists who must be (under the law) independent of all those who have an interest in the outcome and who have no conflict of interest which could impede them from reaching a decision in a fair, impartial and independent manner.