Power of the Court to extend the time for referring a matter to arbitration
Conciliation Rules of the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mediation Rules of the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Arbitration Rules of the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Regulations based on the Mediation in Family Disputes Law of 2017
Alternative Dispute Resolution under the new Civil Procedure Rules
Alternative Dispute Resolution – Institutional or Ad Hoc Arbitration
Arbitration under the Alternative dispute resolution for Consumer Law of 2017
Stay of proceedings for breach of ADR Clause
Stay of proceedings for breach of an Arbitration Clause under Cap. 4
Some facts from the EU Justice Scoreboard 2022 in relation to Cyprus and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Arbitration Proceedings under Article 36 of the Main Contract form ( No Quantities) E2(A)
Certain Aspects Concerning Contracts for the Sale of Goods (Directive EU 2019/771)
Misleading and Comparative Advertising
Payment Service Providers and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Pre-contractual Obligations of Banks in Relation to Consumer Mortgages
Unfair Contract Terms in Loan Agreements
Liabilities of Banks in Relation to Consumer Mortgage Loans in a Foreign Currency
Consumer Rights and Early Loan Repayment
Consumer Rights in Loan Agreements – Consumer Credit
What is the Procedure and Conditions for Filing a Consumer Dispute?
How Do I Become a Mediator?
Vulnerable Groups of Consumers – an Action Co-Funded by the EU Consumer Programme 2014-2021
Consumers’ rights in relation to travel and holidays.
The consumer’s right to withdraw from an online purchase!
Safe Products used by Consumers. What is the CE marking?
In which Areas are Consumers Protected in Cyprus?
What is the Difference between Mediation and Reconciliation as Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods?
Unfair Contract Terms and the Rights of Consumers
Online Dispute Resolution
The Rights of a Consumer who has Purchased a Defective Car (or Other Product)
Helping Vulnerable Groups of Consumers – An Action Co-Funded by the EU Consumer Programme 2014-2021
The Rights of Consumers to Electronic Dispute Resolution
Where can a consumer file a complaint against a business?
What are the Advantages of Mediation for Consumers?
Arbitration as an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Method – Where Can It Be Used?
Dangerous Products and Consumer Rights
Right of the Consumer to return a product purchased online or from a shop
Enforcing a Settlement Agreement Resulting from Mediation in Cyprus
Mandatory Mediation for Online Platforms and Business Users: P2B Regulation
Consumer Protection Act 2020 – The Most Important Provisions of the New Bill
What are the Advantages of Mediation for a Business?
Obligations of Businesses to Inform Consumers about Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities
New Obligations of Businesses Regarding Consumer Protection
The Obligation of a Business to Inform the Consumer of the Right to Return Products Purchased Online
Everything a business should know about Alternative Dispute Resolution
Which Businesses Choose to Resolve their Customers’ Complaints Within 90 Days?
Mediation and Arbitration – a Comparison
Consumer Rights in Relation to Delayed or Cancelled Flights
Mediation Certificate – Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mediation Seminars and Costs – Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR
EU Consumer Summit 2020
Mediation Certification Course by the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
Misleading and Comparative Advertisements
Unfair Commercial Practices
The Obligation of Traders to Inform Consumers regarding Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entities
Directive 2013/11/EU on Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution
The Consumer’s Right to Settle a Dispute with a Trader Out of the Court: Easily, Quickly and Economically!
Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution for Businesses
Consumer Protection of Borrowers under the Cyprus Law on Consumer Credit of 2010
Consumer Protection in Consumer Loans (Unfair Terms)
Consumer Protection in Loans Relating to Residential Property in Cyprus
What to be Aware of Before Entering into Credit Agreements in Cyprus
Consumer Protection in Cyprus when buying Goods


Directive 12 – Product Liability Directive (Directive 85/374/EEC)
Directive 11 – Timeshare, Long-term Holiday Product, Resale and Exchange Contracts (Directive 2008/11/EC)
Directive 10 – Directive (EU) 2020/1828 – Representative Actions for the Protection of the Collective Interests of Consumers
Directive 9- Directive 2002/65/EC – Distance Marketing of Financial Services to Consumers
Directive 8 – Directive 2014/17/EU – Credit agreements for consumers relating to residential immovable property
Directive 7- Directive 2008/48/ EC – Credit agreements for consumers
Directive 6 – Directive 2019-770 – Contracts for the supply of digital content and digital services
Directive 5 – Directive 2019/771 – Contracts for the sale of goods
Directive 4 – Directive 2006/114/EC – Misleading and comparative advertising
Directive 3 – Directive 2015/2302 – Package travel and linked travel arrangements
Directive 2- Regulation 524/2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and amending
Directive 1 – Directive 2013/11/EU – Alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes

Mediation for Family Disputes

Family Mediation – Historical Background and the Council of Europe
Table of Spouses’ Rights in Family Disputes and Mediation
Rights of a Spouse After Separation and After the Divorce
Family Mediation and Property Disputes
How is a Family Mediation Settlement Agreement Registered?
Mediation in Financial Support of the Spouse and Children
Parental Responsibility and Mediation
Mediation and Divorce in Cyprus
Family Mediation in Cyprus – Procedure
Family Mediation in Family Disputes in Cyprus