Which Businesses Choose to Resolve their Customers’ Complaints Within 90 Days?

Handling customer complaints quickly and effectively through the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Τhere are several reasons why a business would wish to find a solution when there is a disagreement or dispute with a customer. The main reasons being to maintain a good customer service and good customer relations.

When a dispute cannot be resolved internally, then a business that truly cares about its customers will facilitate their customers in submitting a complaint to an independent third party for the purpose of reaching an amicable solution.

Large Businesses, decided to maximise customer care by giving their customers choice to apply to the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

What is the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution?

The Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR is an alternative dispute resolution entity, approved by the Consumer Protection Service and included in the relevant list of ADR Entities held by the European Commission. It is alsoco-funded by the European Union and it operates as an entity responsible for the resolution of disputes between consumers and businesses.

Therefore, if a consumer has a complaint against a business (including a bank), she/he can apply to the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR to resolve the dispute. The Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR will inform the business accordingly seeking its participation in resolving the dispute through mediation,conciliation or arbitration.

Fees for consumers are very low (ie. It costs €20 to submit the complaint) and from then on a fee is payable depending on the monetary value of the dispute. For more information on our fees click here.

According to the Law the dispute is resolved within 90 days from the day that both paries have submitted their positions and documentation in relation to the complaint.

When does a business not wish to proceed with Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Submitting a case to the Court, may be disadvantageous for the consumer, when for example the correlation between the amount of the dispute is disproportionate to the court fees and legal expenses for the court procedure. If for example the consumer has purchased a television for €300, which is faulty and the business does not agree to replace it, the costs for a lawsuit and the time required to settle the matter in Court will act as a deterrent for the consumer to file an action in the Court.

For this reason, the consumer would surely want to resolve the dispute in a quick and cost – effective manner.

A business acting in a good faith, would reasonably also wish for the dispute to be resolved in a quick and cost – effective manner, since the costs for a business are also reasonable. Also, in this way the business will avoid conflict and provide quick and effective service to the customer.

Compared to other businesses, a business that accepts to resolve disputes through an ADR Entity is more competitive. You can find out more about the businesses which accept to resolve disputes through the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR at

This article does not constitute legal advice.

The publication of this article is partly funded by the European Union’s “Consumer Programme (2014-2020)”.

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