What is the Procedure and Conditions for Filing a Consumer Dispute?

In 2017, the Alternative Dispute Resolution of Consumers Law of 2017 came into force, according to which a consumers can resolve their disputes with a trader within 90 days for free or for a symbolic cost. The dispute is resolved through a Body approved by the Consumer Protection Service and notified to the European Commission. Such a Body is the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution (

Because Alternative Dispute Resolution is a voluntary process, the resolution process is based on the good faith of the trader to come with “clean hands” in order to resolve a dispute with a consumer. You can see who these traders are at

What Consumer Disputes can the Cyprus Consumer Center Resolve?

Our Center can handle any consumer disputes. Consumer disputes are disputes arising from contracts of sale or contracts for the provision of services between a trader established in the Republic and a Consumer.

Examples of such differences are the following:

  1. A consumer bought a car from a dealer. The car has defects. The consumer can register a complaint to our Center in order to resolve the dispute.
  2. A bank which is a creditor to the consumer or which refused to open an account which the consumer requested. The consumer can file a complaint to us in order to resolve the dispute.
  3. The Consumer bought a TV online. He/she regrets, and wants to exercise his right to return it and get his money back. The company refuses. The consumer has the right to file a complaint.

In order for a complaint to be accepted by the Center, specific conditions must be met. According to our rules of procedure, these are the following:

1. The Consumer must first attempt to contact the trader in order to discuss the dispute and seek to resolve it dispute directly with him.

2. When the dispute is insignificant or is malicious.

3. When the dispute is examined or has been examined by another ADR Entity or Court.

4. When the Consumer has not submitted a complaint within one year from the date on which the consumer first submitted a complaint to the trader.

5. When the examination would significantly impair the effective operation of the Entity.

In the event that any of the above applies, then we may not accept to proceed with your complaint.

This article is co-funded by the European Union under the Consumer Program (2014-2020).

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