What are the Advantages of Mediation for a Business?

Do you own a business? Learn about the advantages of mediation to your business!

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution, which brings together the parties, to resolve their disputes much more quickly and much more cost effectively rather than seeking a resolution of a dispute through the court.

Some businesses consider that if they start accepting consumer complaints then they are simply enabling and expediting a procedure that is against their interests. Other businesses consider that often times it is not worth it for the consumer to take a matter to the court because of the associated costs and delays. For this reason, they consider that if they refuse to resolve a dispute, then the matter will not proceed and therefore that will be beneficial to the business.

In the technological age, the reality is much different. A customer that is not able to resolve a dispute with a business, may:

  1. Defame the business in social media or submit a bad review through online rating platforms (such as google for business).
  2. Submit a complaint against the business to the Consumer Protection Service.
  3. Prefer businesses which s/he knows to be covered by an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Entity (such as the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR).

The advantages for a business being subject to an ADR Entity are the following:

  • It offers a simple method of resolving disputes because it does not rely on strict procedural rules.
  • It offers a low cost and a high success rate.
  • It is quick and effective, since by law disputes have to be resolved within 90 days.
  • It enhances the goodwill of the business, since customers recognise that its willingness to resolve its disputes through an ADR Entity is a commitment to treat customers fairly and in good faith.
  • The procedures used remain confidential, meaning there is no negative impact on the reputation of the business.
  • It avoids escalation of the dispute and a possible complaint to the authorities, which would otherwise impose a fine if upon investigating the complaint, it is found that there has been a breach of consumer protection law.
  • It is not binding, meaning that the business is not bound by the result.

If you are a business owner think alternatvely. Think responsibly. You can sign up for free with the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR. Registration also covers the promotion of your business on our website. Our website is visited by over 10,000 consumers.

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This article does not constitute legal advice.

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