Vulnerable Groups of Consumers – an Action Co-Funded by the EU Consumer Programme 2014-2021

Helping Vulnerable Groups of Consumers through the EU Consumer Programme 2014-2021

Between the months of September 2020 and July 2021, representatives of the Cyprus Consumer Centre for Alternative dispute Resolution have held meetings with the following Mayors and Community leaders, respectively:

  • The Municipality of Nicosia, mayor Mr.Konstantinos Giorkatzis
  • The Municipality of Aglatzia, mayor Mr. Andreas Constantinides
  • The Municipality of Mesa Yitonia, mayor Mr.Doros Antoniou
  • The Municipality of Ypsonas, Mayor Mr. Pantelis Georgiou
  • The Municipality of Yermasoyeia, Mayor Mr. Kyriakos Xidias
  • The Municipality of Agios Athanasiou, mayor Mr. Marinos Kyriakou
  • The Municipality of Athienou, mayor Mr. Kyriakos Kareklas
  • The Community Board of Kokkinotrimithia, president, Mr. Christakis Meleties
  • The Community Board of Skarinou, president Mr. Damianos Michael
  • The Comminity Board of Pano/ Kato Defteras, presidents Mr. Nikos Kallis and Mr. Evgenios Hadjieftyhiou
  • The Community Board of Psimolofou, president Mr. Marios Petrou
  • Community of Frenaros, president Michalis Hatzigiorkas
  • Community of Achna, president, Mr. Kyriakos Pitsillos
  • Community of Liopetri, president,  Mr. Vassos Manolis
  • Community of Pissouri, general secretary of the Community Mr. Petros Foutas
  • Community of Tala, president Mr. Areti Pieridou
  • Community of Astromeriti, president, Mr. Aris Konstantinou

The visits were co-funded by the European Union under the Consumer Programme 2014-2020.

Some of the meetings were held in the premises of the Municipalities and the Community Boards and some of the meetings were held online, through the ZOOM platform in view of the challenging circumstances of the covid-19 pandemic.

It was a pleasure to discuss with the Mayors and the Community leaders about the Cyprus Consumer Centre for ADR and share views on several topics.

Some of the topics which have been discussed were the following:

The way that the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR may help vulnerable groups of consumers file complaints.

The reasons to choose Alternative Dispute Resolution and the benefits of the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR

The goals of the Cyprus Consumer Centre for ADR

The kind of disputes that the Cyprus Consumer Centre for ADR resolves

The areas in which the Cyprus Consumer Centre can help.

The way mediation can assist in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

During the meetings, the Cyprus Consumer Centre for ADR expressed its willingness to help any vulnerable groups of consumers within the municipalities/communities by explaining how the procedure works and offering consultations to such groups.

The Cyprus Consumer Centre for ADR pointed stressed the importance of the establishment of the Center. That is, to reach a final and out-of-court settlement for disputes, without unnecessary costs and within 90 days.

At the end of the meeting the Mayors and the Community leaders took photos with the representatives.

The campaign of visiting vulnerable groups of consumers was co-funded by the EU Consumer Programme and it reveals the willingness of the community in general to change the culture of resolving consumer disputes.

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