Table of Spouses’ Rights in Family Disputes and Mediation

The table below summarizes the rights of spouses in cases of family disputes. It should not be considered as comprehensive legal advice.


Description of Right After the separation After the divorce When is the right lost? Is mediation allowed?
Right to Divorce YES         _    _    NO
Right to Alimony of Spouse YES NO After the divorce YES

Right to Post-Marital Support








Only applicable for a specific period of time




Rights to Property acquired during the marriage YES YES 3 years after the divorce was issued YES
Right to Exclusive Use of the Property


YES NO Terminates with the issuance of a divorce YES
Right to Personal Items YES NO At a reasonable time from the separation YES
Right to Home Appliances YES NO At a reasonable time from the separation YES
Right to Child Support YES YES Until children become adults YES
Right to Child Support (over the age of 18) YES YES Until the end of military service or the end of university studies NO
Right to Stop-List YES YES Until the child becomes an adult NO
Right to Parental Responsibility (Legal and Physical Custody) YES YES Until the child becomes an adult NO (assignment or removal cannot be mediated)
Right to Communication YES YES Until the child becomes an adult YES

The above information does not constitute legal advice.

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