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Mediation seminars are necessary in order for someone to be able to register as a mediator in the Register kept by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. The Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution is an approved, licensed Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity notified to the European Commission in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2013/11/EU on Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumers. Furthermore, the Center’s Mediation Seminars are:

  • Approved and licensed by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order.
  • The only mediation seminars currently co-funded by the European Union.
  • The only seminars that provide knowledge and skills in Mediation concerning Consumer disputes.
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What is the Duration of the Mediation Seminars;

The duration of the mediation seminars is 40 hours. The duration is determined by law and it is not possible to apply for registration as a mediator to the Ministry of Justice by having attended seminars of a shorter duration. In any case, in order to register as a mediator, it is necessary to provide the Ministry of Justice with a certificate issued by our Center (or another approved entity).

The mediation seminars are delivered in two weekends and the training covers all the necessary topics to allow registration as a mediator. You can view the current program by following this link.

By attending the mediation seminars, the student, in addition to being able to register with the Register of Mediators of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, can gain communication, negotiation, dispute resolution skills and improve his or her interpersonal relationships.


Method of Training used in the mediation seminars

Mediation seminars are delivered by well trained professionals with experience in both conventional as well as online mediation – including mediation through the Online Dispute Resolution Platform of the EU.

The seminars are held in Nicosia. Their total duration is 40 hours, out of which approximately 8 hours relate to consumer protection related mediation, 20 hours relate to the core training to become a mediator whilst the remaining 12 hours relate to the practical training in the field of mediation. For more information on mediation, seminars and costs you can click on the link Become a Mediator!

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Previous Mediation Seminars

The Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution is the first approved Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution which provides dispute resolution services in all sectors of the economy (except for telecoms). We are an approved and licensed Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity notified to the European Commission and therefore our goal is for our seminars to be of a high standard.

The previous mediation seminars held in November-December 2019 took place at the Cleopatra Hotel in Nicosia. Below you can see some of the pictures taken from the previous seminars.

Mediation Seminars and their Cost

The pricing of the mediation seminars of the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution is among the most competitive in the market since it ranges between €680 and €870 Euros plus VAT depending on the date of registration of the interested parties. Compared to other mediation seminars, our pricing is considered law and due to the fact that they are co-financed by the European Union we manage to maintain the quality at very high levels.

The cost of €680 plus VAT is payable for early registrations (early bird) whilst the cost of €870 Euro plus VAT is payable in case of delayed registration.

The reason that the cost differs in case of early registration in the mediation seminars is so that the Center can act proactively and make arrangements with third party providers (for example the trainers and the hotel etc.)

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