Mediation Certification Course by the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Mediation Certification Courses of the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR  are approved by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order and the Center is an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Entity by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (CPS). To become a mediator and receive the Mediation Certification a person must attend accredited mediation seminars. These mediation seminars (or as it is sometimes called “the mediation certification course”) are of a total duration of 40 hours.

Mediation seminars must be provided through a programme approved by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order. The Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR offers approved mediation certification courses with a very dynamic and qualitative 40-hour program. For more information on the mediation certification courses held in Cyprus by our Center, the dates to be delivered and how to register, you can contact the Center directly at 22519741 or visit our page which details information about the mediation certification courses.

The mediation certification courses offered by the Center do not only concern the initial registration of a person as a Mediator in the Register of Mediators maintained by the Ministry of Justice. According to the Law, registered mediators must attend continued professional development courses. Such persons must attend mediation training of at least twenty-four (24) hours in duration every three years.

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The Center provides 24-hour mediation courses approved by the Ministry of Justice tailored for the continuous professional development of mediators. For information about the courses you can contact us or visit the following page which describes in more detail the mediation certification courses.

To register as a mediator, you must meet the following criteria: First, you must have attended 40 hours of mediation training. Second, you must have a recognized higher education degree. Third, you must not hold a public office.

Fourth, you should not have been convicted of a serious criminal offense or a misdemeanor concerning moral dishonesty and so on. Finally, you should not be under guardianship or deprived of your legal capacity.

Distinguished academics with experience in education and mediation are part our Training Team. We follow a balanced approach to teaching with a mediation certification programme which lasts for 2 weekends and which includes an Introduction to Dispute Resolution, Introduction to Psychology, analysis of the Structure of a Meeting, Mediation Skills and the Preparation of a Possible Agreement. The programme provides the trainees with the opportunity to take part in real-life mediation scenarios.

The prices at which the mediation certification courses are offered are attractive and you can see all the details by clicking here.

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