How Do I Become a Mediator?

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The use of mediation to resolve disputes is a fact. It is one of the methods which the European Union has chosen to resolve consumer disputes – as its main advantages are the low cost and efficiency of resolving disputes between a business and a consumer. With the advent of the Coronavirus, the delays in the field of justice as well as the cost of resolving disputes, mediation seems to be the future method of resolving conflicts.

In order for someone to become a mediator, certain conditions must be satisfied which are defined in the Law. We note that the specific conditions apply to all types of mediation (except for family mediation which is covered by a specific law).

For someone to be able to register as a mediator he/she must not be a civil servant and must have a clean criminal record. Nor should he/she be under guardianship or deprived of his legal capacity. Finally, the person must have a recognized higher education degree.

If the mediator meets the above conditions then, by attending a 40-hour training programme which has been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, he/she can register in one or both of the Registers kept by the Ministry of Justice.

In relation to consumer disputes, the Law requires that the mediator should possess the necessary skills of court dispute resolution as well as basic knowledge of law. This means that it is necessary to educate such a person in consumer law.

The Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution is an Entity approved by the Ministry of Justice for the provision of the 40-hour mediation programme. The program includes training in mediation, conflict management and communication techniques. Also, 6 mediation scenarios for resolving civil and commercial disputes are included, and the participants are evaluated by trainers and feedback is provided.

The program is delivered in two weekends from Friday afternoon to Sunday.

The two Registers for Mediators are (1) the Register of Civil Mediators (Other than Commercial) and (2) the Register of Commercial Mediators. The mediator can be registered in the Civil Mediators Register as long as he/she is a member of the Cyprus Bar Association and holds the annual license to practice law. In the Commercial Mediators Register, the person must be able to register at the CCCI or ETEK.

If the person is a lawyer registered as such and he/she holds the annual license to practice, then in order to register in the Register of Commercial Mediators it is not necessary to undertake the the 40-hour mediation programme. In relation to civil cases, however, it is necessary to do so.

The Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR, offers a training program for mediators. The Center is an approved Entity by the Consumer Protection Service, an approved Mediators’ Training Center by the Ministry of Justice, notified to the European Commission and co-funded by the European Union under the Consumer Program (2014-2020).

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