Attendance of the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR at the EU Consumer Summit 2020

The Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution attended the European Consumer Summit 2020, held in Brussels on 30-31 January 2020.

The European Consumer Summit 2020 brought together in Brussels more than 500 social partners from all over the European Union, including politicians, representatives of Competent Authorities, academics, consumers and business organisations and youth representatives, with the aim of shaping the future of European Consumer Policy.

EU Commission for Justice and Consumer Affairs, Didier Reynders, hosted the event, which included keynote addresses by representatives of civil society. Workshops were held on topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Security and Economic Transactions in the digital age, Sustainable Consumption and how everyone can work together better for the benefit of the European Consumer.

The instructions of the President of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, point to the upgrading of the role of the Social Market Economy in order for the EU to become a pioneer of the transition to a healthy planet and a new digital world. Consumers need to be the driving force behind the green and digital transition.

For this reason, the European Consumer Summit is dedicated to shaping European Consumer Policy around sustainable consumption, digitization, effective implementation and better cooperation of stakeholders at national and European level, which will empower consumers in the digital and green transition.

Present at the event were representatives of the Rhodes and Dodecanese Consumer Protection Institute, who worthily and loudly represented Rhodes and the Dodecanese in Europe in the field of Consumer Protection.

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