Conciliation Rules of the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution 

The Conciliation Rules of the Cyprus Center for ADR are based on the International Chamber of Commerce Rules. You may view the detailed rules by clicking on the following link.

Generally speaking the following steps must be followed in order for a dispute to be resolved between two parties through the conciliation procedure of the Center.


After the filing fee is deposited (see Notes below) the complaint is examined by the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR (“Center”) in accordance with the requirements of article 1(4) of the Conciliation Rules (“Rules”) and in case these are complied with, the complaint will then be forwarded to the other party.


The Center will invite the other party to conciliate under the Rules. As soon as it accepts, the conciliation proceedings commence. If it does not respond within 20 days, then this will be taken as a rejection of the invitation to the Conciliation proceedings.


The Conciliator is appointed by the Center. The Conciliator does not act as an arbitrator or as a representative or legal representative of the parties.


The Conciliator requests each party to submit a brief written statement describing the general nature of the dispute and the point in issue, and each party sends a copy of his statement to the other party and may request further written statements and relevant documents.

The parties co-operate with the Conciliator and shall attempt to comply with the requests of the Conciliator to submit written materials, provide evidence and attend meetings.

Each party may, on his own initiative or at the invitation of the Conciliator, submit to the Conciliator suggestions for the settlement of the dispute.

When it appears to the Conciliator that there exist elements of a settlement which would be acceptable to the parties, s/he formulates the terms of a possible settlement and submits them to the parties for their observations helping them reach an amicable agreement.


The Conciliator may meet with the parties and may elect the place where meetings are to be held.


The outcome of the Conciliation is made available to the Parties.

It should be noted that Confidentiality is observed at all stages of the proceedings. The costs are borne in accordance with Appendix A of the Rules depending on whether the dispute is between a consumer and a trader or whether it is a civil/commercial dispute. You can see the conciliation fees by clicking on this link.

Evidence used during the Conciliation procedure cannot be used in other proceedings in accordance with Article 20 of the Rules.

Σχετικά Άρθρα

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