Mediation Rules of the Cyprus Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution 

The Mediation Rules of the Cyprus Center for ADR are based on the UNCITRAL Mediation Rules. You may view the detailed rules by clicking on the following link.


After the filing fee is deposited (see Notes below), the complaint is examined by the Cyprus Consumer Center for ADR (“Center”) and if it passes Article 1(6) requirements it will then be forwarded to the other party.


The Center will invite the other party to mediate under the Rules. As soon as it accepts, the Center sends a written confirmation to the parties that such an agreement has been reached, the mediation proceedings commence. The Center notifies the parties as soon as it has received all the documents containing the relevant information relating to the complaint.


The parties may jointly nominate a Mediator for confirmation by the Center. In the absence of a joint nomination of a Mediator by the parties, the Center shall, after consulting the parties, either appoint a Mediator or propose a list of Mediators to the parties. All of the parties may jointly nominate a Mediator from the said list for confirmation by the Center, failing which the Center shall appoint a Mediator.


The Mediator and the parties shall promptly discuss the manner in which the mediation shall be conducted.

In establishing and conducting the mediation, the Mediator shall be guided by the wishes of the parties and shall treat them with fairness and impartiality.


The Mediator may meet with the parties and may elect the place where meetings are to be held.


The outcome of the Mediation is made available to the Parties.

It should be noted that Confidentiality is observed at all stages of the proceedings. The costs are borne in accordance with Appendix A of the Rules depending on whether the dispute is between a consumer and a trader or whether it is a civil/commercial dispute. You can see the mediation fees by clicking on this link.

Evidence used in the Mediation cannot be used in other proceedings in accordance with Article 9 of the Rules.

Σχετικά Άρθρα

Directive 12 – Product Liability Directive (Directive 85/374/EEC)
Directive 11 – Timeshare, Long-term Holiday Product, Resale and Exchange Contracts (Directive 2008/11/EC)
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