Civil and Commercial Disputes

Civil and Commercial Disputes

We resolve civil and commercial disputes which are submitted by the parties with the ultimate purpose of finding a fast, confidential and friendly settlement of a dsipute.


What is a Civil and what is a Commercial Dispute?

A Civil dispute is any dispute between a trader and a consumer, a dispute which does not arise from a contract between the parties and an employment dispute. Commercial dispute is a dispute which arises from a commercial transaction between businesses or between businesses and public authorities

Step 1

Filing of a Dispute

One of the Parties to the dispute or both of the parties communicate with the Center through our online procedure or through the specific complaint form through email or fax.

Step 2

Payment of a €50 Administrative Fee

A €50 administrative fee is payable for examining the complaint.

Step 3

Communication with the other party

We communicate with the other party.

Step 4

Αποδοχή από το Άλλο Μέρος

Το άλλο μέρος αποφασίζει εάν αποδέχεται την επίλυση της διαφοράς.

Step 5

Payment of Fees

If the other party agrees, then the fee is payable in accordance with the method chosen to resolve the dispute.

Step 6

Commencement of the Dispute Resolution Process

We appoint a mediator, conciliator or arbitrator in accordance with the type of the dispute and the procedure commences where the parties are present together with the expert in resolving the dispute and their common aim is to find a solution.