About us

Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution


The Center has been established under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes Law (Law 85(I)/2017) and it is guided by its principles. Namely, the achievement of a high level of consumer protection, to contribute to the proper functioning of the internal market by ensuring that consumers can, on a voluntary basis, submit complaints against traders to entities offering independent, impartial, transparent, effective, fast and fair alternative dispute resolution procedures.

The Center, works under strict quality standards akin to those of foreign dispute resolution Centers. The mediation procedures carried out at the Center are determined by Procedural Rules (based on internationally recognized standards such as those of UNCITRAL drawn up by the Center) with a view to resolving the dispute or reaching a solution. The Center’s Mediation Rules aim to resolve disputes between consumers and traders in order to gain a good understanding of the context of the proceedings. The Center accepts both domestic and cross-border disputes arising between a trader established in the Republic and a consumer from any Member State of the European Union.

The Center provides for the appointment of a neutral, independent and impartial third party (whether called a Conciliator, a Mediator or Arbitrator) who is not a party to the dispute and who undertakes to take the appropriate actions required to resolve the dispute.

In general, the Center can bring the parties in touch with the aim of finding an out of court alternative solution to their dispute.

About Us

The Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity:

Yes check.svg Licensed by the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry,

Yes check.svg Notified to the European Commission,

Yes check.svg Approved Entity for the education and certification of Mediators by the Ministry of Justice and

Yes check.svg Co-financed by the European Union under the Consumer Programme 2014-2020

What we are

The Center is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Entity. That is, we resolve disputes between consumers and Traders (or between Traders) where the problem cannot be easily, quickly or effectively be resolved through the Trader’s internal complaint resolution process. All this takes place before the complaint ends up in Court.

We are also a Training Center for Mediators as we offer a 40-hour Mediation Training Programme approved by the Ministry of Justice.


Our goal is the final and out-of-court settlement of disputes, easily, without unnecessary costs and above all quickly and within 90 days from the day we have received the complete complaint file.

This means that both the Consumer and the Trader remain happy without negatively impacting the customer-business relationship.

What kind of disputes do we resolve?

We are licensed to resolve disputes between consumers and traders (B2C) but we can also resolve disputes between businesses (B2B). In relation to B2B activities our Center can act as an intermediary in appointing the mediator who will inform you about the charge.

Who do we serve?

1. Consumers

We serve Consumers – Any consumer (i.e. a natural person) who has a complaint against a Trader (when this arises through a contract for the sale of goods or services), can contact us so that we can try to find a solution between him/her and the Trader. That is, we can mediate, listen to both sides and propose solutions to the parties.

2. Traders

We serve Traders – Traders from which a consumer has a complaint (B2C). Where Traders want to resolve their disputes with their customers quickly and confidentially, and at the same time they wish to keep their relationships intact, they agree to resolve disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

This means that, when a customer, has a complaint that the Trader has not managed to resolve, the Trader informs the customer that s/he can contact our Center. Because the probability of resolving the dispute is quite high (over 70%) the Consumer will usually remain content. Furthermore, the consumer will remain a customer of the business even after the dispute is resolved.

We also serve Traders which may have disputes between them (B2Β).

Any information we receive or exchange with the parties or on behalf of the parties are confidential and cannot be used in a court of law.

3. Experts in Dispute Resolution

We serve Experts in Dispute Resolution – Individuals who wish to resolve disputes with our Center can register on our platform and in the event of disputes arising in their area of expertise, differences are referred to them in order to resolve them.

They may be asked to act as mediators, conciliators or arbitrators in accordance with the dispute.

4. Trainee Mediators

We serve Trainee Mediators – Individuals who are interested in becoming certified Mediators can do so through our Center. Our Center’s Mediation Programme is the only one which offers training in Consumer Law (including banking law) and it is the only one co-financed by the European Union.

At the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution Our Purpose is to Resolve Your Disputes Easily, Quickly and at a Low Cost.

What is the Problem that We Solve?

We solve the problem of delay in dispute resolution, especially in matters which could be resolved quickly and easily between the parties and without the need for the parties to attend Court.

In this way:

Yes check.svg The parties to the dispute save money.

Yes check.svg The parties resolve their dispute quickly (within 90 days the latest).

Yes check.svg The relations of the parties remain intact.

Yes check.svg The process is confidential.

Yes check.svg The process is voluntary. Since the process is voluntary this means that both of the parties attend because they wish to resolve their dispute and not because they are forced to.

How it Works:

Step 1

Submission of Complaint

The Consumer who has a complaint against a trader files the complaint with us through the online process or by sending us the relevant complaint form by fax.

Step 2

Payment of €20 Administrative Fee

A fee of €20 is paid for the examination of the complaint by the Consumer.

Step 3

Communication with the Trader

We contact the Trader and send to it the details of the complaint.

Step 4

Acceptance by the Trader

The Trader decides whether to accept the consumer’s request to resolve the dispute.

Step 5

Payment of Fees

If the Trader accepts the complaint, then the consumer and the trader pay the fees depending on the method of resolution and the value of the complaint.

No fees are charged to the consumer for financial disputes.

Step 6

Έναρξη Επίλυσης Διαφοράς

Ορίζουμε διαμεσολαβητή, συμφιλιωτή ή διαιτητή αναλόγως της διαφοράς και ξεκινά η διαδικασία όπου τα μέρη παρευρίσκονται μαζί με τον ειδικό στην επίλυση της διαφοράς με σκοπό εξεύρεσης λύσης.

How is a Complaint Filed?

There are three ways by which a complaint can be filed. The first one is through the online submission of the Complaint. The Consumer may also file our hard copy complaint form* and send it to us by fax or email. For any information or assistance in filing your complaint you can call us at 22519741 or contact us by email.

* We will send you the complaint form upon request.


Marc has a complaint against the bank in relation to overcharges. The complaint cannot be resolved with the Bank and he refers the issue to our Center. The Center informs the Bank about the complaint in order to assist in resolving the dispute.