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Reasons to Choose the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • It is Funded by the European Union (Consumer Programme 2014-2020).

  • Entrusts ADR to well-trained individuals who possess the relevant Experience and Knowledge.

  • First to cover ALL consumer contracts for goods and services except telecommunications and postal services.

  • Wide jurisdiction to resolve ANY disputes in the whole of Cyprus.

  • Supported by individuals who have years of academic and practical experience in Consumer related matters.

  • Lowest Prices.

How it works:

Step 1

Submission of Complaint

The Consumer who has a complaint against a trader files the complaint with us through the online process or by sending us the relevant complaint form by fax.

Step 2

Payment of €20 Administrative Fee

A fee of €20 is paid for the examination of the complaint by the Consumer.

Step 3

Communication with the Trader

We contact the Trader and send to it the details of the complaint.

Step 4

Acceptance by the Trader

The Trader decides whether to accept the consumer’s request to resolve the dispute.

Step 5

Payment of Fees

If the Trader accepts the complaint, then the consumer and the trader pay the fees depending on the method of resolution and the value of the complaint.

No fees are charged to the consumer for financial disputes.

Step 6

Initiation of the Dispute Resolution Process

We appoint a mediator, conciliator or arbitrator (ADR Specialist) depending on the dispute at hand and the procedure begins where the parties attend together with the ADR Specialist in order to resolve the dispute and reach a solution.

Example 1 Purchase of a Defective Car

Example 2 Overcharges by a Bank

Example 3 Purchase of a Defective Laptop

Example 4 Purchase of a TV Online 

Why Choose Alternative Dispute Resolution

Yes check.svg ADR procedures are faster than those of the courts and their costs are lower.

Yes check.svg ADR procedures are usually conducted and completed privately and confidentially, without any damage to the reputation of a trader’s business (for example through adverse publicity).

Yes check.svg ADR processes are more flexible both in terms of outcome as well as with the procedure followed which does not need to abide by strict procedural guidelines. It is still possible to achieve a fairer outcome for the parties which could not be achieved in a court. This is because the court generally decides a case on a win or lose basis – ADR aims at keeping both parties happy by letting parties reach a mutually acceptable and beneficial outcome.

Yes check.svg ADR procedures are friendlier and avoid direct conflicts between parties as compared to those of the Courts.

In Which Areas Can We Help?

Financial Services


Consumer Goods

Consumer Services


Energy and Water

Recreational Services


First ADR Body covering all Consumer Disputes

20 Euros to submit a Dispute

Fastest in solving Disputes

Submit a dispute any hour any day


The Center has been established under the Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes Law (Law 85(I)/2017) and it is guided by its principles. Namely, the achievement of a high level of consumer protection, to contribute to the proper functioning of the internal market by ensuring that consumers can, on a voluntary basis, submit complaints against traders to entities offering independent, impartial, transparent, effective, fast and fair alternative dispute resolution procedures.

The Center, works under strict quality standards akin to those of foreign dispute resolution Centers. The mediation procedures carried out at the Center are determined by Procedural Rules (based on internationally recognized standards such as those of UNCITRAL drawn up by the Center) with a view to resolving the dispute or reaching a solution. The Center’s Mediation Rules aim to resolve disputes between consumers and traders in order to gain a good understanding of the context of the proceedings. The Center accepts both domestic and cross-border disputes arising between a trader established in the Republic and a consumer from any Member State of the European Union.

The Center provides for the appointment of a neutral, independent and impartial third party (whether called a Conciliator, a Mediator or Arbitrator) who is not a party to the dispute and who undertakes to take the appropriate actions required to resolve the dispute.

In general, the Center can bring the parties in touch with the aim of finding an out of court alternative solution to their dispute.

Natural Persons Responsible for Alternative Dispute Resolution

Evripides Hadjinestoros Lawyer
Evripides is a Lawyer and the founder of the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution. After completing the LLB Law degree at Queen Mary University in London in 2009, he then completed a post-graduate diploma in Company Law LLM, at University College in London. He graduated with 1st Class Honours. In 2016, Evripides published the book «The Law on the Sale of Goods and Consumer Protection in Cyprus», which was published by Nomiki Vivliothiki. He has taught and is currently teaching extensively on commercial and consumer law matters at the European University Cyprus.
Andros Karagiannis Examiner
Andros is an active member of the citizen’s society and has held the position of Chairman of the Cyprus Mediation Association, of which he is a founding member. He has been involved in mediation since 1997. He has acquired over 400 hours of training in Cyprus, the United States and Norway and he has successfully carried out mediations. Among others, he has provided mediation services to the Office of the Financial Ombudsman. He was a member of the Cyprus Mediation Association team which in cooperation with the Norwegian governmental Mediation Services, developed a 16-hour mediator training program.
Christiana Antoniou Lawyer
Christiana is a Lawyer and she has graduated from Kingston University and followed a post-graduate program on Company and Commercial Law at the University of London. Since 2010, she is a licensed advocate by the Cyprus Bar Association and since 2018 she is an accredited Mediator, having successfully completed a 40-hour training mediation program.

We are pioneers in online Dispute Resolution

A Trader and the ADR Specialist  can apply with a click to become a Member of the Center. A Consumer can also submit his complaint speedily through the website. The Center informs the Trader immediately so as to minimize delays.

We cover all types of Disputes

We cover all types of consumer disputes except for telecommunications and postal services which are handled under legislation by OCECPR.

We are the fastest and most affordable 

Our dispute resolution procedures are the fastest and the cheapest on the market today for both Traders and Consumers.

We cover the whole of Cyprus 

We cover all Districts of Cyprus for easier and better access to ADR Services for Traders and Consumers.

We cover domestic and cross-border disputes

The services we provide cover both domestic and cross-border disputes that have arisen from both online transactions and off-line transactions.

Impartiality is guaranteed

We guarantee neutrality, impartiality and independence of procedures since we do not represent the interests of anybody.

Arbitration is an alternative to judicial proceedings when a dispute arises between two contracting parties regarding the performance of obligations or exercise of rights in the context of their contractual relationship. An arbitrator is appointed to solve the dispute. Read More

Conciliation is a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure whereby the parties come together in order to settle their disputes through an agreement. A third party called the “conciliator” is appointed who is neutral and helps the parties find common grounds in order to settle their disputes. Read More

Mediation is defined as a structured process, however named or referred to, whereby two or more parties to a dispute attempt by themselves, on a voluntary basis, to reach an agreement on the settlement of their dispute with the assistance of a natural person called the “Mediator”. Read More


Our Contact Details

Address: Kyriakou Matsi 16, Eagle House, 8th Floor, 1082, Nicosia, Cyprus

Telephone: +357 22 519741

Fax: +357 22 318214


Our Authority to Act as an ADR entity

Our Entity is included in a list of ADR Entities and can be found in the website of the Consumer Protection Service and the website of the European Commission.


The languages in which complaints can be submitted and in which the ADR procedure is conducted are Greek or English.

Membership in networks of ADR entities fasciitating cross-border dispute resolution

We are currently working on this.

Types of DIsputes we are competent to deal with

We currently competent to deal with the following matters arising from consumer disputes:

  • Consumer Goods
  • Education
  • Energy and Water
  • Financial Services
  • General Consumer Services (Such as Real Estate, Construction of new houses, House maintenance and improvement, renovation)
  • Health
  • Leisure Services
  • Transport Services

There are no thresholds in relation to any of the disputes which we deal with. However, in case the consumer chooses arbitration, the dispute must be over €500 in value.

Our Procedural Rules, average length of the procedure and binding nature of procedures

We use three types of Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures for Consumer Disputes. These are Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation.

Type of ADR Procedure Rules Other rules which we may use Average length of the procedure Is the procedure Binding?
Arbitration Arbitration Rules Arbitration Law of Cyprus (Cap 4) 60 days from the procedure being initiated The procedure is binding provided that the parties have been informed after the dispute arising of its binding nature. An award issued during the arbitral process may be enforced by the court.
Conciliation Conciliation Rules 40 days from the procedure being initiated Conciliation and Mediation are not binding and the consumer or trader can walk out of such procedures at any time.

This is unless an agreement is reached between the parties. Such agreement can have the effect of a court judgement if it is registered at the court.

Mediation Mediation Rules Law 158(I)/2012 – Law on Certain Matters Arising in Civil Disputes Law of 2012

Law 85(I)/2017 – Law on Alternative Dispute Resolution of Consumer Disputes

What are the fees of Consumer ADR procedures?

The costs of each procedure are the following:

The fees payable by the consumer and the trader vary depending on the ADR procedure used.


Filing Fees for a Consumer who files the Request

€20 non-refundable filing fee, to file the dispute with the Center.

Mediation/Conciliation Fees

Amount of Purchased Goods or Services in Euro (€) Consumer Fees in Euro (€)* Trader Fees in Euro (€)
Up to 500 20 80
501 – 2.000 40 160
2.001 – 10.000 80 320
10,001 -50,000 160 640
50,001 – 100,000 320 1280
100,001 and over 640 1700
  1. All the above fees are exclusive of VAT and are payable prior to the initiation of the Mediation/Conciliation.
  2. The above fees are based on 8 hours of Mediation/Conciliation. For every extra hour required for Mediation/Conciliation the following fees are payable:

(a) An additional fee of €20 plus VAT per hour for the Consumer and €60 plus VAT per hour for the Trader for any disputes between €0 – €10,000.

(b) An additional fee of €40 plus VAT per hour for the Consumer and €100 plus VAT per hour for the Trader for any disputes over €10,000.

* For financial disputes, no Mediation/Conciliation Fee is payable by the Consumer. For all other cases, the maximum amount payable by the Consumer is €800


Filing Fees

€20 non-refundable filing fee, to file the dispute with the Center.

Arbitration Hourly Fees

Amount of Purchased Goods or Services in Euro (€) Consumer Fees in Euro (€) Trader Fees in Euro (€)
500 to 10.000 25 100
10.001 and over 30 120
  • All the above fees are exclusive of VAT and are payable on a per hour basis.
  • A deposit of two hours of Arbitration shall be paid with the commencement of the proceedings (article 3(2) of the Rules)
  • The maximum amount payable by the Consumer is €1000

Natural Persons in Charge of ADR

You can see the persons responsible for ADR by clicking on this link.

Can the consumer or trader withdraw from the procedure?

This depends on the procedure. In the case of arbitration, and provided that this has been agreed after the dispute arising, neither the consumer nor the trader can withdraw from the procedure.

In the cases of mediation and conciliation both parties can withdraw from the procedure prior to reaching an outcome.

When can we refuse to initiate the ADR procedure?

Not all disputes are subject to ADR by the Center. In the following scenarios, we will refuse to initiate an ADR procedure between the consumer and the trader:

  • the consumer did not attempt to contact the trader concerned in order to discuss his complaint and seek, as a first step, to resolve the matter directly with the trader.
  • We find the dispute to be frivolous or vexatious.
  • the dispute is being or has previously been considered by another ADR entity or by a court.
  • the value of an arbitration claim falls below €500.
  • the consumer has submitted the complaint to us after one year from the date upon which the consumer submitted the complaint to the trader.
  • dealing with such a type of dispute would otherwise seriously impair the effective operation of the Cyprus Consumer Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Where, in accordance with our rules we are unable to consider a dispute that has been submitted to us, we shall provide both parties with a reasoned explanation of the grounds for not considering the dispute within three weeks of receiving the complaint file.

Prerequisites to examining a complaint by the consumer

Generally, in order for us to be able to examine a complaint against a trader by the Consumer, the following 3 requirements must be satisfied:

  1. A payment of €20 must be made by the Consumer.
  2. The consumer must have filed his complaint within 1 year after the consumer has attempted to resolve the dispute with the trader.
  • An attempt must have been made by the consumer to resolve the matter directly with the trader.


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